Getting up waaaay too early

April 2, 2016


This morning sleep went missing. When that happens a person can lie there and think too many thoughts. A person can turn on the lamp and read in bed. Or a person can just say oh the heck with it and get up.

Keeping an eye on things for you

March 30, 2016


While the Summer People are in Florida and Arizona and Costa Rica, the rest of us are at home keeping an eye on developments Around Here. Someone has to do it, and Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I don't have anything better to do this week.

Dust to dust, with mystery in between

March 29, 2016


Back in December I was rummaging around in digital archives to see what I could find out about John H Silkman.  In the 1870s and 1880s he was a pretty big frog in the little pond of Torch Lake Township, with a lumber mill and a whole company town at Torch Lake Village.  The mill […]

The Birds Are Coming, the Birds Are Coming!

March 28, 2016


Birdhouse available - cheep

I hear them on our morning walks - the mourning doves, the pileated woodpeckers, an owl. No photos. Fortunately, my betters are in the right place at the right time making outstanding images.


All on a frosty morning

March 19, 2016


It's nippy down on the beach unless you are in a patch of sun. Mama Nature has been busy remodeling.

Live blogging from the depths of answer waiting

March 17, 2016


I am listening to bad music on speakerphone, interspersed with an excessive number of recorded apologies for why it's taking so long. Eventually I will reach a real live person.