Chore and Maintenance Services

Josh Browe – (231) 676-3441. Josh is the grandson of Carol Shaffner who was a beloved go-to person for getting things done around here for a long, long time. Josh is an all-around handyman who will do small projects for you: plumbing, low voltage electrical jobs (phones, stereo equipment), drywall repair and painting.

Dirk Kroll (Kroll Restoration & Painting LLC) – (248) 761-6671/cell. Dirk does plaster repair, fine painting, water damage repairs, ceramic floors and bathroom renovations.

Tom Morrison – (231) 409-3691.  Tom does all kinds of odd jobs on weekends: snow removal, light hauling, household maintenance.  There’s a TLV post about him here.

Dale Reedy – (231) 599-3482.  Dale is my plow guy.  Snow, not fields.  There’s a TLV post about him here.

Shirley Johns – (231) 599-2199. Shirley (Surely, Shirley Will Get It Done) will paint your house inside and out, refinish your floors, tidy your yard and put a garden in, and clean the house, too.

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