Torch Bay Nature Preserve

Torch Bay Nature PreserveThe nature preserve is on Grand Traverse Bay at the end of Traverse Bay Road (about a quarter mile west of Sonny’s Torch Lake Market).  Put in a kayak or a bass boat at the rustic boat launch, or just perch on a boulder to watch the waves.  Stroll several hundred feet of beach, hike the trails through mixed hardwoods, or roll along a wheelchair accessible boardwalk to an observation deck overlooking a beach pond (or meadow, depending on lake levels).  Brochures and photos at the park kiosk will help you identify the wildflowers and trees you’ll see. 

There are no toilets here, but there are nice ones at the William Good Day Park on the other side of US 31.

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  1. John Berst

    August 11, 2008

    Gerry, your website is absolutely great. I loved the elk in Letters from Katherine and the notice of Torch Bay Nature Preserve. (Of course I’m probably predudiced since Katherine is my daughter in law, and I was the project coordinator of the Nature Preserve). Anyway my thanks is sincere, and I hope you continue your excellent work.

  2. Gerry Sell

    August 11, 2008

    John, I’m thrilled that you like Torch Lake Views, and I think everyone around here owes you and Reg Bird and everyone else who had anything to do with it a big thanks for developing the Nature Preserve. It’s a wonderful place.

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