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Nature Walk 2: Splashing through the Swamp

July 5, 2016


My neighbor Tommy is fleet as a deer. He can leap from hummock to hummock without getting wet. He also possesses a very good sense of direction and an intrepid friend named Anabelle. Perfect. Off we went into the depths of mystery.

Nature Walk 1: Summer Road

July 2, 2016


The roadsides are full of flowers and critters and the occasional berry. The bluff is covered with equisedum, an ancient life form that crowds out practically everything else, but has somehow made space for the wild rose. Those wild roses have grown in Michigan for a long time, too.

A little rain in June is a good thing

June 8, 2016


Fungi in the woods, the swamp at its best, and a couple of happy dogs.

Go for a little walk, meet the world

June 6, 2016


A ghostly moth, giraffes in the forest, it doesn't get any better than this.

A new exhibit at Mama Nature’s Gallery

June 2, 2016


Babs told me that a whole flock of new sculptures had migrated to the Walk of Art over at the Elk Rapids Day Park, so on Tuesday Louan and I went to see them. Above: Louan really liked the stone and wrought metal Garden Piece by Wendell Heers and Scott Lankton and For Wendell Heers by […]

Wordless Wednesday: Spring!

April 20, 2016


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