Eden Shores pedestrian access to Grand Traverse Bay

Eden Shores pedestrian bay accessAbout a mile south of Eastport, follow Manitou Trail west to its end at Michigan Trail.  

This access has no boat launch, no parking, no restrooms and no picnic tables.  What it does have is a lovely view of the Bay from a bluff.  Overgrown stairs lead down to the beach.   Tiny wildflowers bloom from spring right through fall, interspersed with milkweed, pussywillow, cattails, and invasive gramma grass.  Bluegreen shale lies just under the sand and forms a smooth shelf in the water.  Layers of shale are visible along the bluff where the turf has fallen away.  Gulls, ducks, Canada geese and mergansers congregate on the rocky points, and I’ve seen eagles soaring above looking for breakfast. 

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