Gallery Babs

Every week Babs Young sends us a photo.  It’s always about Michigan (unless she is on vacation someplace warm in the winter, but that’s a Michigan Thing too), and mostly about things that happen Around Here.  Getting that message from her is like having a present show up in my mailbox, complete with a bow.  Here are some links for you so that you can browse through the archive of Photos by Babs any time you need a little something to delight your eyes.

And then, Ta-dah!  Here is one of my favorite photos of Babs, because we are having breakfast at Chris and Sonny’s and because Chris was up on a chair taking the picture and because . . . it was just fun.

And look what I found over at the Central Lake Library.  A picture of Babs 20 years ago. OK, there are some other people in the picture too, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing all of ’em.  Haven’t changed a bit, have they!

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  1. Elizabeth Kennedy (aka Betsy Harper)

    December 23, 2011

    That’s my aunt…Madeline Schmidt. I LOVED Torch Lake and especially Blue Heaven!


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