A new exhibit at Mama Nature’s Gallery

Posted on June 2, 2016


Babs told me that a whole flock of new sculptures had migrated to the Walk of Art over at the Elk Rapids Day Park, so on Tuesday Louan and I went to see them.

Above: Louan really liked the stone and wrought metal Garden Piece by Wendell Heers and Scott Lankton and For Wendell Heers by Lankton.  I was taken with I love Michigan cherries created by Joe Lueck and displayed here as a memorial to Gene Veliquette.   (Gene was the cherry farmer who, it is often said, taught all the other cherry farmers Around Here a whole lot of what they know—which is considerable.)

There are two more favorites below: Bart Ingraham’s Blue Dragon and Seek Alternate Route by David Petrakovitz

The setting is all Mama Nature’s own artwork, from landscapes . . .

. . . to these Jack-in-the-pulpit plants.

It’s a lovely place to walk. There are nice restrooms, a picnic pavilion, a sandy beach, shady trails, and 29 wonderful sculptures.  And it is all free, courtesy of Mama Nature, ArtRapids!, and Antrim County taxpayers like me.  You’re welcome.  I don’t see how you can go wrong.

You can visit the Art Rapids! website here or view/download the whole 2016 Walk of Art brochure here.