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Archaeological treasures revealed – Crow pie served

April 12, 2016


I love quests. Crow pie not so much. I am reliably informed, by Leanna Collins herself, that it will not appear on the Torch Lake Café menu, not even disguised as "Gerry's Just Dessert."

Happy Golden Anniversary, old friend

April 3, 2016


Certain tools are indispensable to the historian.  I staged the image below by way of illustration.  We could play one of those memory games where you look at the image for a little minute and then I whisk it away and hide it under a dish towel and you make a list of everything you remember, […]

Hope for sufferers of TLC withdrawal

January 26, 2016


When the Torch Lake Cafe closed last summer, a loud wail went up across the Township.  Where will we have breakfast??!!??  And Friday fish dinner?  And live music with Leanna Collins and friends? Then word went around that Leanna had bought Sneakin’s. That turned out to be true.  Pretty soon there was a lot of construction activity going on […]

Bill Bennett’s Anthem to Antrim

April 23, 2014


No invisible birds in the mist today, although they’re coming soon. For one thing, it’s a beautiful day and you deserve to see some nice blue skies. For another, we have presents – I love presents – and they’re all in black and white. Let’s begin with the blue skies. Now the presents. Every now […]

Preserving the Wilkinson house one geranium at a time

February 12, 2014


Loraine Mottern is at it again.  Every year about this time she distributes the annual geranium order form.  She posts it in store windows and on the community bulletin boards at the Eastport Post Office and the Eastport Market.  She sends persuasive press releases to all the newspapers.  It has crossed my mind that if Loraine’s determination […]

Found objects

January 15, 2012


It took me almost all day for the notion to penetrate, but it finally came to me. The correspondents for the Central Lake Torch and other weekly newspapers were bloggers in spirit. They would have been bloggers in fact if they'd had internet, but they were still working on rural electricity.