Karma’s Daffy Dozen

So here’s the deal.  I thought I’d go on Karma’s scavenger hunt just for fun.  My challenge was going to be to take all the photos in one day within walking distance of the Writing Studio and Bait Shop.  Then the little camera died.  Or at least went into a coma.  So now I had a new challenge.  Two new challenges.  It was going to be difficult to take 12 pictures with no camera, and it was going to be difficult to stop cussing and storming around the place.  This explains why these photos are even more eccentric than usual.  Every single one of them was taken during February, but not a one was taken for the scavenger hunt.  In fact, some of these are, um, little clips from larger shots, and some of those larger shots weren’t keepers to begin with, so there you go.  These are Scavenged Scraps from my visit to Bruce Woodcock’s barber shop in East Jordan, and the JRAC For the Love of Letters exhibit and a walk at Barnes Park and a stop at Barb Higgins’s salon just to say hello.

Stone bridge from Leslie Lee's Travel Journal

Striped barber pole in East Jordan

Metaphorical musical instrument - All Keyed Up

Biggish orange truck

Round face of Bruce's Regulator Clock

Not my shoes - Barb Higgins's shoes

Picnic benches in the shelter

Postal Possibilities - Comment Form

Newspaper headline - Scooped fair and square

Eyes have it - Lily the Cute

Something heart-shape - a fringed inchie

Something red - Valentine ribbons

14 Responses “Karma’s Daffy Dozen” →
  1. Gerry, you did a great job with this! I’m even more impressed that you did it with photos that you actually had to scavenge! I’ll be doing my wrap-up post, hopefully this Sunday, and will be linking here. I had no idea you could make “hidden” blog pages. I’m sorry about little camera – is he/she going to be resussitated or replaced?

    • Hey, Karma – Glad you had fun following the trail to the hidden page. The little camera is probably done for, but Canon should either fix or replace it. It’s under warranty. Now if only I could figure out what to do about the car . . .

    • BTW, how do you make a hidden blog entry?

    • Hi, Scott – I think it works differently on various themes. However, I simply make a page that is a child of one of the pages that show in tabs (About, for instance). I have my blog set to show only the Parent pages on tabs. So there are lots of public pages on TLV that you only find if you have a link. They don’t show up on the homepage for the blog. I use this a lot for making pages about local businesses that don’t have their own websites–or even for ones that have them, but that I want to say something nice about before sending you off to their sites! Simply Hair is an example.

  2. Nice scavenging, Gerry. I mean that in a good way. 🙂 Sorry about the camera. Maybe Canon will replace it with a newer model.

  3. Wow, I’m impressed that you were able to pull this off like that! Don’t tell the others who did the scavenger hunt, but I think you were the most creative 😉
    Well done!

    • Thanks, Michaela. I’ve seen the others – I was definitely not most creative! But I will buy Most Adaptive. 😉

  4. Jennifer A (Bread and Putter)

    March 7, 2011

    Fun choices!! Very impressive without a camera especially. 🙂

    I’m particularly fond of your choice for “eyes.” Strikingly similar to the eyes I chose for mine, actually.

    • Well, there was a camera involved originally. 🙂
      I knew you’d love the eyes. You’re right – strikingly similar. (Miss Sadie and the Cowboy were jealous because I used Lily’s eyes, but they were asleep in all their February closeups! It’s been a challenging winter all the way around.)

  5. Gerry, very impressive without the camera. I love the heart shaped, red and black compliment each other so well. And Lily is adorable.

  6. That sure must have added an extra pound or two of difficulty to the assignment, having to call upon a month of shots that weren’t taken with the hunt in mind.. Love the way you pulled together shots that fit though, especially the musical instrument… lol.. 🙂


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