Sonny’s Torch Lake Market – 2007

This was written back in 2007, when Torchake Views was a baby blog and Chris and Sonny were the proprietors of my home-away-from-writingstudioandbaitshop.  I believe this page should migrate to the OurHistory section, and maybe one day I’ll remember how to do that and get the job done.  In the meantime, denizens of the Township will know that the restaurant part was sold back in 2013 to Leanna Collins, who created the wonderful Torch Lake Café in the same spot.  See Breakfast at the Torch Lake Cafe Saturday – You come too.
Sonny kept the deli open for another year or so, and when he closed that, Leanna expanded the Torch Lake Café into the space and opened a bar named Blue.  The Torch Lake Café closed in fall, 2015, but will reopen in new digs sometime in 2016.  We are all looking forward to that. 
So many changes.  I think it’s about time  we produce a new Torch Lake Township Business Guide. 
2786 US 31 North in Torch Lake Village
(231) 599-2357

Chris and Sonny Szejbach have created a real bright spot with their combination deli, butcher shop and neighborhood gathering place.  The cafe is open for breakfast and lunch and the take-out pizza ovens keep going through the dinner hour.  The deli is stocked with Boarshead meats, imported cheeses and housemade whitefish pate.  The meat counter features exceptional beef, fresh fish in the summer,  Biehl tuyrkeys for Thanksgiving and half a dozen varieties of sausage made with care by Sonny himself.  My personal favorite: the Swedish potato sausage.  Or maybe the sweet Italian, or the chorizo – it’s all good.

A game of Quarto at Sonny’sThis is the place, too, for specialty crackers, imported olives, bruschetta topping or perfect little cookies (try the lemon and pistachio nut butter tile).  There is a very nice wine and beer selection.  (Warning: that Anchor Steam Porter is mine.)  If things get a little slow in the winter, Chris is likely to pull out a strategy game called Quarto and teach you how to play it.  Did I mention the greeting cards, the wine glasses, the board games?

4 Responses “Sonny’s Torch Lake Market – 2007” →
  1. What a nice job you did on our “story”
    I couldn’t have done a better job myself.
    If I ever decide to do a website (Sonny says I should) I will certainly contact you as
    “Your da man!” woman…


  2. Ginny Hogan

    April 13, 2010

    How about those wonderful Torch-Lake-like puzzles made by their daughter and son-in-law! Great for a rainy afternoon at the cottage. But the “head cheese” is my favorite.

  3. We live just south of your store and are amazed at the selections you have. Very gourmet! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Forgot to say yummy, too!

    • Hi, Cindy! Thank you for commenting. You’ve actually reached the page I made on Torch Lake Views for Chris and Sonny’s market, but Chris has been known to drop by here to see what’s going on. (Sonny is way too busy making sausages.) It is a wonderful place, isn’t it! I, um, picked up a fresh cinnamon roll there just this afternoon to fortify myself for a little task over at the Township Hall. And it was an excellent treat.

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