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Camping out on Verdant Ground, with presents!

April 28, 2016


Yesterday I delivered an Aldo Leopold-style bench to Verdant Ground so that I will have something to sit on while I watch Sue Swain and Shirley Johns renovate the guest cabin on the property. I have a particular interest in this enterprise.

Archaeological treasures revealed – Crow pie served

April 12, 2016


I love quests. Crow pie not so much. I am reliably informed, by Leanna Collins herself, that it will not appear on the Torch Lake Café menu, not even disguised as "Gerry's Just Dessert."

When life gives you snow, make cheese sandwiches and think about Gardens, Guns and Grangers

April 7, 2016


I had to read Daily Shot (the Garden&Gun blog - I read the post about the pimento cheese sandwich controversy at the Augusta National). Then I had to lie down for a little bit with some nice Michigan snow pressed to my brow.

Happy Golden Anniversary, old friend

April 3, 2016


Certain tools are indispensable to the historian.  I staged the image below by way of illustration.  We could play one of those memory games where you look at the image for a little minute and then I whisk it away and hide it under a dish towel and you make a list of everything you remember, […]

Dust to dust, with mystery in between

March 29, 2016


Back in December I was rummaging around in digital archives to see what I could find out about John H Silkman.  In the 1870s and 1880s he was a pretty big frog in the little pond of Torch Lake Township, with a lumber mill and a whole company town at Torch Lake Village.  The mill […]

The Road to Barnard, Part 3, in which Harry Potter appears

March 13, 2016


When the people of a small community go to the trouble of putting up a memorial to their neighbors, I always want to know more about those memorialized. We covered the story of Leslie T. Shapton in Part 2. Let's go on to Harry Potter and Harold Cole.