Go for a little walk, meet the world

Posted on June 6, 2016


Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I were out and about in the woods when we met one of the Summer Visitors.

White moth

I have no idea what kind of ghostly moth it was that perched on the goosefoot maple, but coming upon it in the shady woods was akin to a spiritual experience and I thought you should have its portrait.

Later that same day Babs Young and I went to the Antrim Conservation District Open House.  Forester Mike Meriwether took everyone out on the Cedar River Natural Area trail system. As always, Babs took good pictures. I spent most of my time asking questions and took the one of the giraffes.  Well I think they looked like giraffes.  If you click on a photo you get a bigger one.  If that helps you identify the pretty fungus I’d be grateful.

One of the benefits of the trail walk was running into some people I hadn’t seen for awhile.  Bellaire historian Betty Hoover was there with her daughter, and I’m glad to report that she still has the world’s greatest smile.  Bob Haack was there, too, and updated me on the chestnut orchard.  The harsh winters killed three rows of his beloved trees, but he and Sheridan have moved up here to stay, and he says he’ll be out there every day babying the rest.  More about the chestnuts (and the walnuts and the heartnuts) sometime soon.

On our way home, we stopped in Central Lake to admire the glorious garden Patti Bravard is restoring. Those California poppies? Patti’s great-grandmother brought them with her when she migrated to Antrim County from California early in the last century.  I couldn’t have left them behind either.


Again, Babs took pictures and I collected words. Patti must take after her grandmother. She lived in Paris for 15 years before moving back to Central Lake. As you can see, we had a good time telling stories. Will there be more about her adventures in a future post? Oh yes.

Patti and Gerry cropped