The Great Bike Trek of 2010

Joanne Robben and Tom Sellmer took it into their heads to travel from Peachtree City, Georgia, to their summer home on Torch Lake in northern Michigan via bicycle. They have been emailing friends and family about their adventures along the way, and have agreed that we may publish the installments here on Torch Lake Views.

The preamble:

Road Trip! Georgia peaches head to Blue Heaven on bicycles

Following the Trek week by week

  1. May 1-7
  2. May 8-14
    Story in the Fayette County News
  3. May 15-21
    Story in the Traverse City Record-Eagle
  4. May 22-28
  5. May 29-June 5
  6. June 6-8

39 days, 1688 miles, 7 states, 0 flat tires—Welcome Home!

2 Responses “The Great Bike Trek of 2010” →

  1. Duane Travis

    May 23, 2010

    Today is Sunday 23rd, read your 1-3 posts. Great story, waiting for your next.


  2. Lindsey Sellmer

    May 30, 2010

    Hi Everyone!
    Please consider donating to honor Tom & Joanne’s ride from Peachtree City to Torch Lake. I have done some research and have chosen The Motion Initative, located in Grand Rapids, MI. Their mission is to connect urban youth and area adults through the gateway of bicycling. They work with youth in the Grand Rapids area using bicycles and bicycling. I chose this organization because of the great work they do, the location (Grand Rapids is near where my brother goes to school), and the connection to cycling. You can visit their website and see a video about what they do at

    My goal is to raise $1600.00 for them, which is $1 for every mile of mom & dad’s ride. If you want to donate a flat amount, please follow the instructions below. If you want to donate $1 per mile for one day of their trip, you can either look at the top of the email for that day to find the miledge, or let me know what day you want to choose and I will email you how far they went that day. I believe the Waverly, Demopolis, and Thorntown miles have been spoken for.

    You can donate in 4 ways:

    You can go directly to their website to donate, and click on DONATE NOW on the right (above the thermometer). They take credit using paypal.
    I have also attached their donation form that you can print and mail to them.
    If you donate in either of these ways, please email me to let me know you donated. Otherwise, I will have no way of knowing and I want to make sure and let my parents know you supported them!

    You can also donate by going to This is a website I have set up for you to donate using credit card. The payments made through this site will be visible and I will be able to see who has donated. It will also keep track of how much we have donated.

    You can mail me a check, made out to The Motion Initative. I will mail, or deliver by hand, all of the checks I receive together.
    Please mail to:
    Lindsey Sellmer
    4049 Taliluna Ave
    Knoxville, TN 37919

    Since they couldn’t visit us in Knoxville (darn mountains!) Mike and I are donating $63 for the 63 miles they rode to get to Waverly TN on Day 16. We have a secret connection to the word ‘Waverly’. We hope you’ll join us by donating for your favorite part of their trip.



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