First night of Chanukah – an excellent treat

It is my firm belief that any recipe book compiled by Methodist Church Ladies or Temple Sisterhoods is good.  Take, for example, JPI Family Favorites Old & New, a fundraiser cookbook project by the members of Jewish Parents Institute in Detroit in 1973.  It includes not just one, not just two, but five delicious recipes for kugel.  I am only going to show you two, and I recommend the second.  As you can see from the condition of the page, that’s the one that got used a lot at my house. 

You were expecting maybe potato latkes?  Sadly, I’ve never been any good at making those.  Mine are burnt outside and underdone inside.  Not delicious.  Besides, I don’t want to be responsible for the carnage.  Grating potatoes by hand is a dangerous business.  True, kugel is not a traditional Chanukah treat, but I’m not a traditional sort of person.  Kugel is an excellent treat, and I’m all about that.

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  1. I like to make my sweet kugel with sour cream and cream cheese, but thank you for the addition of apples. I’ll try it. Happy Hanukkah!

    • I’ve made one with cottage cheese or ricotta – must try the cream cheese. I’ll put apples in almost anything at this time of year, or cherries.

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