Keeping an eye on things for you

Posted on March 30, 2016


While the Summer People are in Florida and Arizona and Costa Rica, the rest of us are at home keeping an eye on developments Around Here. Someone has to do it, and Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I don’t have anything better to do this week.

Cowboy casts a leery eye cropped


Development 1 – Return of the Steeple

To the surprise of everyone but the proprietor–Leanna Collins is never surprised when things go well–the Torch Lake Café project is moving right along.  It seems there’s going to be a steeple on the building again.  I am in favor.  In fact, I’m hoping for a Golden Bell on top.  (For those of you who are mystified, the steeple is an ironic architectural comment on the history of the building. You can see its various incarnations at Hope for sufferers of TLC withdrawal.)

Update on Renovations - a new steeple for the Torch Lake Cafe

Steeple rising like a phoenix at the future Torch Lake Café

Development 2 – Return of the Tourist Cabin Tradition

Across the highway and south a little bit the Torch Bay Inn is in the midst of renovations of its own, including the addition of six tourist cabins—an excellent contribution to a century-long tradition in Torch Lake Township.  Just wait until you see them with landscaping and cute little kids running around in bathing suits.

Update on Developments - Cottages at Torch Bay Inn

Cottage units in progress at Torch Bay Inn

Tourist People, you are going to love these nice little places where you can grill a steak, play board  games with the kids, sleep with the windows open – and then get up the next morning, walk to Barnes Park and spend the whole day splashing around in the waves on Grand Traverse Bay. This is a good way to spend a vacation, take it from me.  I spent many of them that way before I decided that I might just as well live here and save the gas.

Development 3 – Just upscale enough

The Eastport Market has been expanding the offerings of craft brews in the beer cave.  I have been sampling, and I can assure you the selection is excellent.  The deli’s reputation for fried chicken has held up well over the years, and the case is full of new and interesting sides, along with Boar’s Head cold cuts and cheeses.  Not to worry.  It’s still a little country store, but even at this time of year you’ll find Stone House bread, Daisy sour cream, fresh cage-free eggs, and good produce.  Also, inexplicably, Cowboy Rub.

Cowboy Rub

Which brings us full circle.  Miss Sadie and the Cowboy feel that we should go for another walk.  I feel that they have my best interests at heart and agreed to go.