Time Capsule Contents

When the new Community Services Building is dedicated on May 24, 2008, – June 28 is the new date – the Upper Torch Lake Association will place a time capsule in the cornerstone.  Dick Hendershott chairs a committee that has been assembling the contents; other members are Betty Beeby, Elva Cowell, Maxine Gresla, Harold Kruse, Carol Leys, Don Leys, and Larry Tomlinson. They met weekly for several months, and earlier this month displayed their choices at the Central Lake Library for public feedback.

Dick Hendershott says they tried to include things that would emphasize the beauty of the area: its recreational aspects, rural character, lakeside homes.  They were conscious of the importance of water quality to the community, and to strong support for its protection.  They decided to include the past as well as the present, because “that material did not want to become lost!”  This is their list of contents as of March 27:

Contents of Time Capsule for
Torch Lake Township 

Upper Torch Lake Association 2006 cookbook
History of Torch Lake Village by Ruth Groll & Norton Bretz
A Glimpse Backward published by Friends of Central Lake Library
Looking Back at the Central Lake Area by Terry Donaldson
Great Granny’s Sturdy Stable Picnic Tables by Betty Beeby
Early Pictures
Torch Lake Inventory Map
The Antrim Chain of Lakes by Michigan Maps, Inc.
Mercedes Benz CLS 500 Matchbox car
Michigan quarter
Predictions by Mackenzie Cowell
Early History of Torch Bay Ambulance by Char Lundy
Letter to the Future by Betty Beeby
The Riparian
Brownwood Acres Foods
Training, Service and Repair
Michigan Transportation Map 2007
Then and Now by Maxine Burnham Gresla
Barnes Park
John Smith Home
East Bay Excavation
Remarks at ground breaking – Bob Spencer
History of U.T.L.A.
Stone Circle pamphlet and CD
Sonny’s Torch Lake Market
Recollections of Norton Pearl 1938/1939
Picture Album

2 Responses “Time Capsule Contents” →

  1. Lisa Ahern

    July 14, 2008

    I need to have information about public campgrounds at Torch Lake areas near the lake. Give me lists of campgrounds that are public to everyone. I remembered that two ladies that they were partners to own campground near torch point with small store. What happened? I need to get sooner because we are planning to come up for camping sooner in first week of Aug.


  2. Gerry Sell

    July 14, 2008

    Hello, Lisa. Thanks for contacting Torch Lake Views. I don’t provide vacation planning services, but if you look over in the right-hand column you’ll see a lot of lodging possibilities, including Barnes Park Campground, which I highly recommend.


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