Eastport Market and Hardware

5431 US 31 in Eastport

Russ and Donna Abbott have expanded this combination grocery, hardware store and filling station and the wider aisles are a treat.  Given the market’s location, their prices are darned good, and sometimes better than that.  The deli does a brisk business in fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and BBQ ribs.  They sell pizza by the slice and by the pie. There’s a fish fry on Friday, and prime rib on Saturday. The wine selection is surprising, with plenty of moderately priced options and some nice local vintages.  Choose a brew from basics to local craft beers to imported specialties. The liquor aisle has everything from high-end vodka to peppermint schnappes. The produce section is stocked all year round, and it’s well-maintained. You can buy local produce in season, and local maple syrup, honey and fudge all year. You’ll also find tasty Mexican foods, from fresh tomatillos, jalapenos and tortillas to canned frijoles and cerveza.  The hardware store carries a full line of paint and pretty much everything you might need to make household repairs. There’s an automotive section, too.  (If Russ doesn’t have it, I probably wouldn’t be able to figure out how to use it anyway.)

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  1. Joanne Neihardt

    September 5, 2011

    Please thank Angie in the deli for us. Her wonderful fried chicken, twice baked potatos and salad fed 28 of our family at Barnes Park. Our son a Sr VP for Hilton loved the chicken and he eats all over the world. Wonderful work Angie!. Thank You for your great store. Joanne Neihardt

    • Hi, Joanne – this isn’t the Eastport Market website, but it is a real small township and I know Angie. You’re right – the deli makes some of the best fried chicken anywhere. I’ll make sure to bring in a copy of your nice comment. Thank you for taking the time to leave it. – Gerry Sell

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