The Weatherman treks out to the ice caves

Posted on February 20, 2014


While I have been indoors AWOLvg (Absent WithOut Leaving) reading Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams,  Bruce the Weatherman has been trekking across the frozen Bay in his snowshoes in order to bring you this report.  Bruce is even more intrepid than Mark Adams.

Important safety warning: Bruce trekked out there on Tuesday morning.  It is now Thursday afternoon and much, much warmer.  Not that it will stay warmer, mind you, but it’s warmer now, and if you took it into your head to go a-trekking, you might just find yourself taking a very cold bath, followed by an icy interment.

Sometime during the summer we would all kayak out there and drop lovely floral tributes.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Bruce writes: That six foot high snowdrift on our beach has been a challenge and today I attacked with my snowshoes.  The snowshoes took me over the deep drifts and out into the land of ice bergs and snow caves.

Grand Traverse Bay snowshoe trek - Bruce Laidlaw 1

Despite the Coast Guard warnings, the water seemed far below.  [Editor: I am pretty sure that the bottom of the Bay is far, far below, but I am a lot less sure about the surface of the Bay . . .]

Sunrise over Grand Traverse Bay - Bruce Laidlaw

Grand Traverse Bay sunrise 2 - Bruce Laidlaw

This ice cave had its own chimney.

Ice cave chimney - Bruce Laidlaw

Wuff.  How would you like that to be your last view of this world?  (OK, in my case we can add Miss Sadie and the Cowboy peering over the edge whining about it being time for their breakfast.)

There are lots of other pictures on the internet of many cars parked on the roads leading to the ice caves on Lake Superior and the ice caves on Lake Michigan along the Leelanau Peninsula.  Things are a little quieter Around Here, but these are our very own Antrim County ice caves and we have a proprietary interest in them.