Daugherty Johnson’s Blue Period

Posted on February 13, 2014


I am waiting for Jerry Bingham to arrive with his big rig and heavy duty equipment to thaw out my frozen water line. It will be awhile. I am not his only customer in this fix. Fortunately I have eight gallons of drinking water, six entertaining books, and quantities of excellent treats. I made an expedition to Central Lake to acquire these supplies, and on the way home found reason for hope. We are a resilient and creative people in Antrim County.

Daugherty Johnson, the Sculptor of Eastport*, has been making good use of our abundant snow crop. Last week I showed you one of his penguins in process. Last night I saw it wearing a blue tuxedo.

Penguin has a blue tuxedo

There is a blue bison up at Providence Farm.

Blue Bison at Providence Farm

Frozen cherries, their little stems blue from the cold, perch on the snowpiles at King Orchards.

Frozen cherries at King Orchards

The use of color is a departure for Daugherty. If I can catch up with him I’ll ask him about it.  We’re all grateful to him for giving us a reason to appreciate the snow.  We are all growing just a bit weary of it.  Not as weary as the folks in North Carolina and Georgia who are hunkered down with that deer-in-the-headlights look asking themselves Why us???  but . . . weary.

Request from Eastport Baptist Church

And now a Public Service Announcement: secure your mailbox or Mama Nature and Antrim County snowplows will leave you no room for your Valentines.

Mail from Mama Nature

*Longtime readers will remember Daugherty’s work from past winters: howling wolves, dancing castles, the hunters and the mammoth.