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Let there be light

March 4, 2016


Every day it grows lighter and lighter.  Last night we were up on the second ridge watching the sun set over Grand Traverse Bay–at 6:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  That gave us time to take a picture and still get home before dark.  Excellent.   This morning we dawdled about, luxuriating in the morning sunshine. […]

Some days are just better than other days

February 19, 2016


We had a good walk under blue skies. We found the Bay right where it's supposed to be. We even found some lichen to show Mr. Tootlepedal. Finally, I discovered my dilemma before we headed home.

Exceeds expectations

April 20, 2014


Language is a tricky thing. That’s one of the things I like about it. Also one of the things about it that I distrust. Consider the ambiguous note on report cards and in personnel files–Exceeds expectations. On its face, that must be good, probably better than Fails to meet expectations. But whose expectations? And what […]

Mud season trots in on little fox feet

April 12, 2014


Bruce the Weatherman (not to be confused with Bruce the Maple Syrup Tycoon) writes: Andi and I have fled to Ann Arbor to avoid Eastport’s usual April mud. But it looks like the mud there is still covered. While we are away, we have network cameras keeping their eyes on things. We also have a […]

The Weatherman treks out to the ice caves

February 20, 2014


While I have been indoors AWOLvg (Absent WithOut Leaving) reading Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams,  Bruce the Weatherman has been trekking across the frozen Bay in his snowshoes in order to bring you this report.  Bruce is even more intrepid than Mark Adams. Important safety warning: Bruce trekked out there on Tuesday […]

Saved by a Geezer

February 1, 2014


Our winter continues.  Each day begins with clearing the steps.  Each day ends with clearing the steps.  In between we shovel out the mailbox, because we are fond of snail mail and paper news.  Miss Sadie and the Cowboy do not even ask to go for rides.  They retire to the dog room for a […]