Two Naughty Kitties and a Delinquent Blogger: A Secret Post

Posted on April 22, 2016


Babs Young has been very busy with the Havana 2015 pop-up show over at the Old Art Building in Leland.  (If you live in Leelanau County I recommend you go see it.)  I offered to help, and she asked if I would feed and pet Selene and Hecate when she was over in Leland.  I would.

I was scheduled to give them breakfast this morning.  I overslept.  I flung a jacket over my nightgown, cajoled the unwalked, unfed dogs into the car and dashed across US31.

You Are Late

You. Are. Late.

I explained that the Cowboy ate my alarm clock but Hecate and Selene weren’t having any.  They did allow me to feed them and pet them.  Mission accomplished, I went into the kitchen in search of an excellent treat Babs had told me was wrapped and left for me on the counter.  Hmm.  The only wrapped object I saw was this.

A Treat But Not An Excellent Treat

A Treat But Not An Excellent Treat

That seemed more like something Babs had bought to support her complicated technical pursuits.  I wrapped it back up.  A suspicion was forming in my sleepy brain.  I walked all around the counter, inspecting the floor as I went.  Aha.

A Clue

A Clue

Could that be . . .  I flipped over the blue note.


Direct Evidence

Selene! Hecate! On the evidence, they were guilty on all  counts.  On the other hand, they had been reduced to desperation by my fecklessness.  Unless of course they got into the excellent treat the moment Babs closed the door behind her.  We have possible extenuating circumstances.  I decided to forgive them if they would forgive me.  They are considering my proposal.

Meanwhile, my investigation had led me past a fine substitute treat.

An Excellent Substitute Treat

Excellent Substitute Treat

Fortified with a bite of chocolate I headed back to the car.  Now all I had to do was to convince Miss Sadie and the Cowboy that a walk along the north shore of Torch Lake  in a cold wind was a good substitute for a brisk trot through the sheltered woods behind the Writing Studio and Bait Shop.

Well OK But It Is Not What We Had In Mind

Well, OK – but this is not what we had in mind.

All in all I have been a great disappointment today, and it’s not even lunchtime.  I am resolved to do better.