The West Side is the Best Side?

Posted on February 6, 2012


Babs Young writes: We’ve still not had much winter up here, but Saturday morning I woke up to a frozen Torch Lake. It was a great sunrise and there was a skim of ice as far as I could see. It looks like a previous skim had been pushed ashore earlier, thus all the ice in the foreground. But by 10:00 a.m. or so it was all melted, but it continued to be a beautiful sunny day.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, a second perspective on the ice shards on the shore of Torch.

Clearly Babs and Katherine were both taken with the view – Katherine from the north end, and Babs from the west side. And that brings us to the title. For those of you from Away, Torch Lake is 17 miles of loveliness stretching almost due north/south through Antrim County. Two rival regions have developed over the last century and a half – the one on the east side of Torch where you can watch the sun set over the water, and the one on the west side, where you can watch it rise. (Katherine very sensibly perches at the north end and has a good view of both, especially in the winter.)

Babs and her west-side neighbors in Blue Heaven are itching for a competition, and have put up a page on Facebook and everything. I think it’s a page. Maybe it’s an album. Facebook confuses me. Anyway, they claim – well, what the title says. I await further developments.