Clearly cold

Posted on February 5, 2012


Katherine writes: Woke up to a skim of ice on the lake this morning—which by now is yesterday morning, as I am behind on pretty much everything.

You will notice that there are no fishing shanties at all.  There has been no Daugherty Johnson snow sculpture this winter either.  Unsettling, that’s what it is.

Bereft of our usual winter pleasures, we look forward to spring—cautiously, of course, because you never know what Mama Nature will get up to.  Last spring Katherine and Babs and I had a good time down in Elk Rapids observing the after-school Environmental Art Program.  (You can see our Scrapbook here.)  Lindy Bishop just posted a new video (Outdoor Art Class: Andrew Goldsworthy) that recaps the whole thing with music yet.