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The West Side is the Best Side?

February 6, 2012


Babs and her west-side neighbors in Blue Heaven are itching for a competition, and have put up a page on Facebook and everything. I think it's a page. Maybe it's an album. Facebook confuses me. Anyway, they claim - well, what the title says. I await further developments.

Clearly cold

February 5, 2012


Katherine writes: Woke up to a skim of ice on the lake this morning—which by now is yesterday morning, as I am behind on pretty much everything. You will notice that there are no fishing shanties at all. There has been no Daugherty Johnson snow sculpture this winter either. Unsettling, that's what it is.

Last ice on Torch Lake

March 15, 2010


Early in the week the ice on Torch Lake shattered into tinkling shards over at the Day Park.  Babs Young and Chris Szejbach were there, capturing a swirl of jade here . . .    . . . glints of blood rubies, crystals, amethysts, tumbling in the sunlight, then vanishing. At Eastport, Katherine writes, The ice wasn’t gone from the north […]