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Autumn equanimity

October 11, 2011


The first order of business on Monday was to get over to the repair shop to see about the Car Issues.   I was not looking forward to this.  I brought Miss Sadie and the Cowboy along for company on the walk home.  Well.  The problem was identified immediately and attended to promptly and at […]

Winter in Living Color

February 4, 2011


You would not want to see what it's like out there today. I will show you Wednesday instead. Sunny day—check. Bouncy dogs—check. Off to Barnes Park.

Astonishment favors the unprepared mind

August 31, 2010


I know you are dying to read a long soliloquy on an abstruse topic, but I'm fresh out of patience for all that. Wouldn't you rather see what's up at Barnes Park?

March of the polar bear cubs

March 18, 2010


Ryan Romeyn (he and Andrea own Providence Farm) was over at the market last night with his son Winter, filling up the gas tank, buying a few supplies, talking about the nice time they had sunbathing and swimming at Barnes Park.  Yes, it has been a beautiful day, I said, a lovely day for—wait, wait!  […]

Spaniel in the bag

March 2, 2010


I always keep a supply of plastic bags in the car–the ones that accumulate when a person forgets to bring her nice cloth shopping bag into the store, which in my case is pretty much all the time. The plastic bags come in handy when Miss Sadie and the Cowboy are along for the ride, […]

Pileated proliferation

February 22, 2010


Bruce and Andi Laidlaw have been over at Barnes Park on the cross-country ski trails. Bruce writes: The pileated work done on this tree in Barnes Park is the most extensive I have seen. So the question is “Why do they do it?” This is a live tree. There are no bugs in the middle […]