Pileated proliferation

Posted on February 22, 2010


Bruce and Andi Laidlaw have been over at Barnes Park on the cross-country ski trails. Bruce writes: The pileated work done on this tree in Barnes Park is the most extensive I have seen. So the question is “Why do they do it?” This is a live tree. There are no bugs in the middle of it. The new apartment complex is big enough for some critters, but the pileateds seem to have no interest in living inside. I think they just are showing off.

He got Andi to provide the scale figure so you can see just how big the demonstration project is. My theory is that the pileated pounders are Developers. As they had a beak-ready project, they secured ARRA funding for a mix of moderate-income and market-rate housing. This begs the question: Does Zoning Administrator Bill Briggs know about this?