Spaniel in the bag

Posted on March 2, 2010


I always keep a supply of plastic bags in the car–the ones that accumulate when a person forgets to bring her nice cloth shopping bag into the store, which in my case is pretty much all the time. The plastic bags come in handy when Miss Sadie and the Cowboy are along for the ride, as we often go exploring, and it is only courteous to remove the evidence of their passing, particularly when the evidence has been deposited in an otherwise pristine environment.

So it was that we were well supplied on a recent visit to Barnes Park. Good thing, too. The Cowboy, who had undoubtedly gotten into something he shouldn’t have, was suffering . . . distress. This occasioned many stops for deposits and evidence removals. Nevertheless, it was a lovely walk, and we were all in a good mood when we got back to the car.

Alas, there was a problem. The Cowboy, whose curly fur has become quite shaggy, was, not to put too fine a point on it, stinky. Upon investigation, I discovered that he was in urgent need of a good bath. We could walk home–it’s only a couple of miles–and later on walk back to retrieve the car. However, we had just walked several miles through the park, and my enthusiasm was flagging. What to do, what to do . . .

Inspiration struck. Miss Sadie and I bagged our spaniel and made for home.

I always think it’s helpful to exchange these helpful little tips on what to do in an emergency. The Cowboy is not entirely sure this particular tip should have been shared, but Miss Sadie voted in favor. Now we’re studying a video on Grooming Your Dog At Home. We shall see.