March of the polar bear cubs

Posted on March 18, 2010


Ryan Romeyn (he and Andrea own Providence Farm) was over at the market last night with his son Winter, filling up the gas tank, buying a few supplies, talking about the nice time they had sunbathing and swimming at Barnes Park.  Yes, it has been a beautiful day, I said, a lovely day for—wait, wait!  You did what?  Where?  Today???

In the fullness of time, and after a little begging, I got the whole story in an email from Andrea. 

Warm blue sky, still waters, and sand between our toes on St. Patrick’s Day.  Where are we… Jamaica you say?  How ’bout northern Michigan!  

Our youngest, Jacob, spent the entire time playing in the water. 

But only, Isaiah, 9, actually went completely under water.*  Maia did her best to follow suit, but missed her head.  Our dog didn’t miss the chance to take a dip, but just had to keep his tail high and dry.  Pretty funny.  Winter, 13, declined the water deciding he’d rather play football with dad on the beach.

You never know when the weather will turn up here, so it’s best to take advantage.  Today was warmer than some days last summer!

(The kids with their little snowman picture was taken February 27th, which is 18 days ago.)


[Pictures of Isaiah’s full immersion Bay swim exist, but we are having technical difficulties extracting them. Update to follow, I promise. – Gerry]