Letters, we get letters, mostly about Da Weather

Posted on February 5, 2011


Katherine was out and about at The Other End of The Lake. She wrote: It’s kind of like the other end of the world, we don’t see it very often but I was headed back from Elk Rapids today and I decided to go through Torch River up East Torch Lake Drive AND it was sunny (late afternoon).

While Katherine was lollygagging about in Torch River Alden, I was tending to business up here at This End of the Lake.

The intrepid Bruce Laidlaw was slogging through the drifts on Grand Traverse Bay. He sent a link to North Scenes, his very first YouTube video. It’s got some good stuff, and you’ll enjoy it if you have real internet. It took it forever to load on sloooow dialup—I mean forever, I was sitting on the couch reading and had forgotten all about it—so when it finally started playing I heard a whoosh of water and thought Oh no! I’ve burst a pipe! Imagine my relief.

But it could have been worse.  You think we had snow?  Cast your baby blues on Da Blizzard of 2011 in Chicago:

Rachel Newman wrote:  Da Bulls, Da Bears, Da Blizzard! (that’s my vote for newspaper headline!)  I’m safe and sound at home with a snuggling, snoring Siberian [that would be her cat, Tigger].  Thankgoodness I did not take Lake Shore Drive home yesterday- otherwise the Edge [that would be her car] would have become a casualty of da blizzard.  The thundersnow was very cool, I’ve never seen anything like that.  Unfortunately no TV service but I guess with my ipod, kindle, laptop, internet, and blackberry I will survive.  See some of my friends pictures attached.  Rachel’s friend Arshia says sure we can use her photo.  The good news is that Da Blizzard is all cleaned up now.  What a town!