Show ‘n’ Tell

Posted on February 6, 2011


The big icicle on the front corner of the Writing Studio and Bait Shop wept on and off all day yesterday, a day that had its moments of sunshine and near-tropical warmth.  I believe it got all the way up to 30° F. in the shade.  The icicle’s sturdy point developed icy roots, and each of these wept in turn.  The whole arrangement resembles a misshapen carrot, but it’s more beautiful. 

The Laidlaws have been having an exhilarating winter.  There was Andi, down on the beach, walking Tiger the cat on his leash.  Then, Bruce writes, Tiger’s eye’s went wide and he puffed up. Andi spotted what had his attention. Far out on the ice a fox was trotting along in search of who knows what. Probably just out for a walk. Andi called me from the beach and I went to the cliff and spotted Mr. Fox.  

He came, he saw, he photographed.  Bruce knows these aren’t the best pictures of a fox that you’ve ever seen, but they are pictures of our particular fox on our particular stretch of Grand Traverse Bay shoreline, so we have a proprietary interest.  Enjoy.

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