Peaceable kingdom

Posted on December 3, 2010


We have been having a lot of quiet days lately, easing into the blue dawn. 

Miss Sadie was wistful when she realized that I was going to North Carolina. On the one paw, she wanted to go with me. On another paw, she was still recovering from the excitement of visiting Baxter the Innocent and Lucy the Sleek. On the third paw . . . never mind. She wished me bon voyage and went back to sleep in her pile of cushions and blankets. She snores.

I believe I should tell you a story about holiday traditions in my family.  I do not know how this particular tradition began, but far back in the mists of time my sisters began to pass around this fellow, wrapped beautifully, hidden artfully, calculated to . . . surprise. 

OK, not necessarily that particular fellow—various versions have appeared over the years.  This one appeared in my bed on Thanksgiving.  I have grown blase about these things.  I put him to work guarding the chocolate bar that was left on my bedside table.

My sisters are thoughtful hosts.  The guest bathroom was well stocked with lotions and potions and nice-smelling things to replace the nice-smelling things TSA made me throw away at the airport.  Also an official greeter.

All in all, it makes for a lively time. Christmas morning can get fairly hectic as sisters try to figure out which packages contain . . . surprises . . . and which may be torn into with abandon. In my family, when we say Oh you shouldn’t have! we really mean it.  But there are compensations.  We all keep dogs and/or cats.  This is Molly.  She is an extremely well-behaved labrador-poodle mix. 

My sister Mary keeps goats and laying hens.  That’s another post entirely.  Have a pleasant weekend. I’m going to go wrap some surprises.