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Opening presents that came while we were away

December 27, 2011


The Duo and I rode off to Detroit to visit Rob the Firefighter and the Lady Alicia, leaving blog-tending behind. Upon our return, what to our wondering eyes should appear but unopened presents! And some of these are for you.

Merry Happy Joyous

December 23, 2011


Where did the time go? And did it take my car keys with it?

In which we discover a parallel universe and have tea with Marcia Graham

December 1, 2011


We are going to do this in reverse order, on account of I just know you are dying to read about the Treasures from the Holidays exhibit at the Elk Rapid Historical Museum—and because I know you will read to the end to find out about the parallel universe.

Whimsy and serendipity in our little big city

November 29, 2011


It is possible that Traverse City is really a miniature big city masquerading as a small town.

Rushing the seasons

October 7, 2011


Homecoming is upon us once again.  It may look as if the elk in front of the Alden State Bank is wearing a Halloween costume, but that would be silly.  He’s wearing a football jersey.  This is, after all, Spirit Week in Elk Rapids. But the orange and black motif got me thinking.  Not a […]

Behind the scenes at Harbor Days

August 3, 2011


Traverse City has the Film Festival, Isle Royale has moose and wolves, but Elk Rapids has Harbor Days.