Cat’s Eye View

Posted on July 31, 2010


I am Miss Puss. I will be your guide this evening while Gerry is off committing poetry at Stone Circle.

We have some interesting neighbors in the vicinity of the Writing Studio and Bait Shop. Here, for example, is Daddy Loooooong-Legs. You will notice that he has only seven legs. He had an unfortunate encounter with a garter snake. However, I am fond of Daddy and dispatched the snake. No photos of that.

If you look very closely, you can see a translucent, opalescent insect on Daddy’s leaf. It’s quite attractive, but not in very good focus. Ah well. Finally, here is a cartoon for you.

These are, as you have no doubt sussed out for yourself, more of those tedious Epipactis helleborine that have so absorbed Gerry this week.  But these examples have faces with large yellow noses and green muttonchop whiskers and big rosy chins.  You see?  I do have a sense of humor.

Pleasant evening to you.