Ice fishing on Torch Lake

Posted on February 21, 2010


Babs writes:  It was a beautiful day here so the fisherpeople were out without cover. I think the dude in the middle is about to reel in a big one.

He was one of the lucky few.  Ice-fishing diehards tromped into the market all weekend, buying carryout fried chicken and prime rib because they had no fish.  Nobody’s grousing too much, though.  It was too pretty out there to complain about it.  I think the reason there aren’t many shanties on the lake is that it’s been too warm and the ice is too thin to support them and the trucks or sleds that drag ’em out there.   One of the disappointed fishers told me “Those guys over in East Jordan are crazy.  They’re out there fishing 20 feet from open water [on Lake Charlevoix].”  It’s been an odd winter.  Of course, it’s not over yet.

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