Picking up sticks and skills

Posted on January 31, 2010


I ran into Shanna Branding over at the Township EMS offices. She wanted to know what on earth I was doing wandering along the shoulder of US-31 picking up big sticks. I wondered myself. Then the penny dropped. She had seen me taking pictures for Torch Lake Views and I was, uncharacteristically, lugging a tripod.

I am determined to acquire some skills, and Scott Thomas has persuaded me that the damned tripod is indispensable. If I can master it before it puts my eye out, we’ll have made some progress. I’m not sure what we can do about my reputation for eccentricity.

I think this photo is in better focus than my usual efforts, despite the miserable cold wind that threatened to blow my big sticks into the ditch. Besides, it’s an extremely attractive barn, and I thought you’d like to see it.

There are a couple of others I thought came off fairly well, too. If you have a moment, tell me which one you think is most effective. (Don’t worry – when I get home from the day job there will be an email from Babs and we’ll get back to what passes for normal around here.)