Northern twilight

Posted on January 31, 2010


Winter twilight, with the tall pines dark against the sunset, the Bay frozen quiet below, is a fine reason to live along the shores of the Great Lakes.  I understand why people might prefer to be in Florida or Arizona wearing shorts.  Heck, a couple of days ago I wanted to be in Florida myself.  But there is something fine about a night like this one. 

The light was fading fast, and it was hard to see.  But the air blew fresh across dunes of fluffy snow.  The dogs were having a wonderful time, just happy to be here. 

I processed the next photo to within an inch of its life so that you could glimpse Miss Sadie leaping like a porpoise.  The Cowboy was right behind her, tumbling ears over tailfeathers.   

They got ahead of me, naturally, and bolted up the stairs at the circle access while I was still puffing along the beach below, cussing them. When I got to the top, there was Ken Shepley, stopped by the side of the road, trying to corral the runaways before they could take off into the swamp. Shepleys have heard coyotes yipping back there lately, and we all know that wild always wins.

It’s good to have neighbors. I need all the reinforcements I can get. It’s good to have a little wildness, too. A little time off-leash. Good to have a cold, fresh wind blow away the cobwebs. In the winter twilight, anything seems possible.