Extra, extra: Babs Young, reporter, on the scene

Posted on February 1, 2010


Last night, while I was digging for some background to add to Babs Young’s regular Sunday night photo, she sent another one.  This is a bonus, a true embarrassment of riches, and on top of it, I loved the photo.  So here it is. 

Babs wrote:  When we came home Friday night there was a car on its side just north of us. I took this photo. Don’t know a thing about the accident. I kinda liked the photo and if you want to use you can and if not that’s fine too.

I want.  As for the regular Babs photo, that will follow shortly – I’m on the trail of Supplemental Material.  Back later.

Note: Word via the ever-reliable Eastport Market Grapevine is that this was a single car rollover accident. The driver was banged up a bit but elected not to go to the hospital, and so far as I know is doing fine. There were a lot of good people out there on the scene, doing their jobs on a cold night. Thank you to the folks from the Torch Lake Township EMS and Fire Department.