The Big Show: Barnes Park in autumn

Posted on October 11, 2009


It turned out to be a good weekend for autumn walks, if you don’t mind a little bone-numbing cold. We took a little stroll along the paved walking/biking trail at Barnes Park yesterday. The sun came and went, the wind came and stayed, the rain held off mostly. Open spaces along the trail make it easy to see the changing trees.

Barnes Park Easy Trail

One of the things I like about Barnes is the diversity of the landscape: sandy dunes, pine forest, stands of hardwoods, wetlands, bayshore. I always find the places where they come together especially beautiful.

Forest meets dune

When the sun popped out the color blazed.

Red and gold

The flaming leaves show to best advantage against the deep green of the pines.

Flame in the pines2

The power line right-of-way is pretty scrubby, but sometimes the flashiest colors are there.

Right of way2


This looks pretty dry, and it is.  Sandy soil drains quickly.  But those dark clouds brought more rain, and even some suspiciously thick rain that we won’t discuss. 

Prairie's edge