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From out of the west

November 11, 2012


If we want to know what’s coming at us Around Here, we head down to the shore of Grand Traverse Bay and look.  Our weather almost always comes at us out of the west, swooping in across Lake Michigan, dancing over the ridge of the Leelanau Peninsula . . . and then it’s here.  Babs Young went […]

Oh the humiliation

November 4, 2012


Not only did I fail to tell you all about Polish dinner at the Hacienda and getting my first deer but I have been scooped yet again.  Intolerable.  I really must do better.  In the meantime I must eat humble pie.  The Michigan Picture of the Week is a splendid autumn sunset taken from my favorite bluff […]

Good to the last drop

October 28, 2012


The rich autumn colors have pretty much faded, except in the orchards.  Naturally that was where Babs headed for this week’s Michigan Picture.  (The maples in the background are just showing off.) Tomorrow I will show you some other signs of the season. Not to worry – at least so far all our fluffy white […]

Real cider up on the third ridge

October 21, 2012


I was over at King Orchards buying more apples when John King told me the news. They were getting a cider operation going again. Now this is really news, because they used to make cider—and very successfully too—but decided if they were going to work that hard they might as well just go ahead and […]

Out on the hills

October 15, 2012


I’m always going on about the Flat Road, but Babs has been taking the high road.  She writes: This was taken about two weeks ago when the color was just beginning. We’ve had very little sun since then, and lots of rain, so even though the color is good a sunny picture is hard to come by.  […]

Glory be

October 5, 2012


Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I had pressing business in Charlevoix today. Nevertheless, we made a detour along the ribbon road to the top of the second ridge, parked the car next to the centennial barn, and fled into the afternoon.