Autumn closeups

Posted on October 9, 2009


If Mama Nature will not cooperate with me in the way of lavish panoramas, I will have to make do. There is always brilliant color somewhere in the landscape, even during the blah days we’ve been having. Over at the Torch Bay Nature Preserve there are bright red wild rosehips. I think that’s what they are.  Not confident enough to nibble on ’em though. 

Wild rose hips

Some of the milkweed pods had not fully released their seeds. Dunno whether what we have is overprotective parent pods or timid seedlings reluctant to leave home.

Hard to let go

Hard to leave

Back at the Writing Studio and Bait Shop there are little splashes of red and yellow and flame. Splashes of rain, too, but it could be worse. And it will be.

Logs with red leaf

Tiny yellow fungi

Green and flame