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Saved by the Babs

December 5, 2010


We have been having an obsessive little week, what with several breakthroughs on the Civil War veterans front. I was casting about in vain for an interesting blog topic when bing! – up popped the weekly email from Babs, and not a moment too soon. She writes: I returned from Ohio today to a bit […]

Autumn closeups

October 9, 2009


If Mama Nature will not cooperate with me in the way of lavish panoramas, I will have to make do. There is always brilliant color somewhere in the landscape, even during the blah days we’ve been having. Over at the Torch Bay Nature Preserve there are bright red wild rosehips. I think that’s what they […]

There’s hope for the Monarchs yet

July 21, 2009


Last summer I tried to capture the whole life cycle of the Monarch butterfly and failed.  On top of it, in the course of the pursuit whole swaths of milkweed disappeared from the bayshore, fallen victim to Beach as Desert syndrome, or “beach grooming”—an infestation of large machines that dig out every trace of vegetation in […]

Letters from Katherine: On the road in autumn

October 14, 2008


Like Babs, Katherine has been out and about taking pictures of this lovely autumn. She writes, “We must have all been driving around the other day because it was too nice to stay inside. It was also spectacular color on the trees. I didn’t realize you could go up the ski lift at any other […]

A fine morning for a walk

July 31, 2008


Too much to do, too little time.  These should hold you for a bit.  I’ll come back later and tell you more about them. Oh-if you click on the picture you can see it at a decent size.

Milkweed’s back – monarchs sure to follow

July 8, 2008


I’ve always loved the monarch butterflies that congregated on the Bay, and I missed them when they disappeared, along with the milkweed that is an essential part of their life cycle.  Today, though, I found lots of milkweed in bloom on the shore – and a monarch, too!  [Edit 7/9/08] After this post went up […]