Walking at Barnes Park and cruising Torch Lake – oh yes, it’s still summer

Posted on September 14, 2009


The weekend was perfect, wasn’t it?  I have lots to tell you about Saturday, but no time to write, so I’ll just show you what I was up to on Sunday.  If these images don’t persuade you that it’s still summer, there’s just no hope for you.

I had a nice cruise on Torch Lake in the Amphibious Avocado, courtesy of Wilkinson Homestead volunteer John Sala.

Torch Lake cruise


Over on the other side of the Township, Barnes Park Manager Eileen Wallick was varnishing picnic tables.  I think her job is sort of like being a Mom in charge of a particularly large and unruly family.  There’s a lot of housework involved. 

Varnishing the picnic tables

It was a perfect day to walk the Barnes trails, where wildflowers are going to seed.

Silky seed parachutes

Finally, you knew there’d be another sunflower, didn’t you?  They’re blazing away in the gardens in front of the Park headquarters cabin.    

Sunflower at Barnes

Still summer, I tell you. Still summer.