There are no secrets in Torch Lake Township

Posted on September 15, 2009


People have asked about this banner on US 31. Here is what I know that I will tell you.

Callie will you marry me

Ben and Callie went to school together, to 4-H together, and to college together.

“Ben” is Ben Cupp. He wanted to marry Callie, so he caused the banner to be made and unfurled it some time ago, in another place, far, far away, where Callie would see it.

“Callie” is Callie Guntzviller, the daughter of Mel and Rhonda Guntzviller. She grew up on the Guntzviller berry farm in Torch Lake Township, next to Jim and Rose King. She saw the banner upon its first unfurling. As you have surmised, she wanted to marry Ben, so she said Yes.

The banner was unfurled for the second time in August, on the Guntzvillers’ front lawn, to show the guests from Away where to come for the wedding reception. It was still there over the weekend, because it is a happy sight.

There are many happy endings in our little Township, as in the rest of the world. Now the long haul begins, and we wish Ben and Callie well with that, too. According to Jim King, they are a fine young couple, well-equipped for the trip. Blessings on them.