Leaning towers of Eastport, pie, and February without Sonny’s

Posted on February 5, 2009


So much to tell you about.  First of all, Daugherty Johnson mentioned that wind and sun had been having their way with his latest sculpture.  I could see that something was up every time I drove by, but as I was always running late (there’s a surprise) I couldn’t stop to investigate.  By the time I stopped to take pictures, Daugherty had been at work installing reinforcements, but the towers were still curved toward each other, as if bowing at the beginning of a quadrille.  That was yesterday afternoon.  By now for all I know the Dali of Eastport may have transformed the dancing castle into a herd of unicorns for Katy, or perhaps wolves, howling, in which case readership will go up at an alarming rate. 

Dancing castle 

Second, Bill Warner of New York Cakes fame has moved operations a little farther north and is collaborating with Friske’s Market on pies, pastries, and focaccia pizza. The only way I can have any of his fresh, from scratch, fabulous stuff is if I snowshoe all the way to Atwood and back. Now where are my bearpaws anyway . . .

Third, as everyone in the Township knows, Sonny’s is closed until the end of February so that Chris and Sonny can have a little rest in the sun. Wusses.  I do not begrudge them this rest.  That may be a lie.  Wusses.  I am a tad grumpy from cinnamon roll withdrawal, not to mention sociable breakfasts.  I took a picture of the market for the Collective Shoot hometown landmarks post, but it depressed me so I left it out.  Here’s the picture. You can see why the Szejbachs fled south.  Wusses.

Sonny's is closed until March

Finally, if you missed the post about the Great Indoor Music Festival you should go read it now and make plans to come along on Saturday. Based on the data from Bruce Laidlaw’s weather station, the TLV Weather Widget claims that we’re going to have much warmer weather by then. Would Bruce and the Weather Widget lie? I think not.

Here, because I never know when enough is enough, is the whole gallery of castle photos.