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Hunters encircle woolly mammoth

February 2, 2011


Every winter about this time Daugherty Johnson gets the itch to dance with Mama Nature. They have a deal. She brings the snow—just the right amount, just the right consistency—and he turns it into something that makes her laugh with joy. Daugherty, like Mama Nature herself, creates for his own reasons and shares with an […]

Dear SOFIA: Where do I sign up?

November 22, 2009


My dad, when not engaged in shooting fierce muskies, worked on NASA’s Space Program, doing mysterious programming things connected with the Shuttle.  Thanks to The Muskinator, I signed up for the NASA newsletter.  That’s where I learned that ingenious tinkerers have modified a Boeing 747 into a giant flying telescope (SOFIA seeks secrets of planetary […]

A treehouse grows in Eastport

September 8, 2009


As I headed toward the Wilkinson Homestead on Sunday, Daugherty Johnson was driving by in his black convertible.  You remember Daugherty, sculptor of wolves and builder of castles in Eastport. “I’ll be right back,” he said.  “Come on over and see the treehouse!” OK, you already heard about the mysterious flag at the Wilkinson house yesterday, […]

Leaning towers of Eastport, pie, and February without Sonny’s

February 5, 2009


So much to tell you about.  First of all, Daugherty Johnson mentioned that wind and sun had been having their way with his latest sculpture.  I could see that something was up every time I drove by, but as I was always running late (there’s a surprise) I couldn’t stop to investigate.  By the time […]

Packy snow and a castle in Eastport

January 25, 2009


The weather has been perfect. Lots of snow, a little warming to soften it, a little plunge in temperature to set it up just right, a little sun to touch up the crust, and there you have it: packy snow that can be carved into snowstone to build a fort, an igloo . . . […]

And another view of the sled dogs

March 17, 2008


I don’t normally feel compelled to revisit things, but I do feel that Daugherty Johnson’s Sled Dog Snow Sculpture is exceptional.  Here is Daugherty’s own photo of his work.