Thus always to empires

Posted on February 8, 2009


As empires rise, so must they fall. The descendants of the fierce Vikings write blogs about design and rural England and, er, Torch Lake Township.  The Aztec Empire was crushed by the Spanish Empire, which fell before  the British Empire and ultimately before a ragtag bunch of Americans in 1898, leading to a whole school of Spanish literature that is arguably more interesting than the Empire ever was.  And so it is on the shores of Torch Lake.  As a warm front moved through the Great Lakes region yesterday, the inevitable decline of the Eastport Empire began. Alas, the Dancing Castle lies in ruins.

The sun sets on the Empire of the Dancing Castle

As empires fall, so do they rise.  Daugherty Johnson told me he’s working on another sculpture up at Greensky Church, and said his cousin has created a bear.  Want more?  Take a look at the dune buggy on Kathy’s great post about the Michigan Tech Winter Festival.

Will wintry wonders never cease? Will spring come in my lifetime?