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Blowin’ in the wind

January 8, 2014


Note: I’m tidying up the mulch pile, finishing perfectly good musings I never got around to posting on TLV.  Waste not want not.  Besides, it’s too cold out to go gallivanting around the countryside taking pictures. Back in October 2012 I trotted into the Elk Rapids Library and was brought up short by swaths of […]


April 14, 2011


Miss Sadie is spin-dancing and I believe the very boulders at Stone Circle are doing the hokey-pokey.

Livin’ the Dream at Pearl’s

February 2, 2011


This has been such a good day. I am well-exercized, stuffed with excellent treats, and hot on the trail of one of my more mysterious Civil War veterans. It doesn't get any better than this.

Autumn’s best weekend coming right up

October 8, 2010


Rich harvests in the farm markets, Rare Threads in East Jordan, and a benefit for Louan Lechler in Greilickville. Autumn's very best weekend is coming right up.

Whatever I want

July 17, 2010


So there I was yesterday morning pulling into a parking space behind Louan’s, thinking it was going to be a scorcher of a day. She came down the stairs, happy cat bag slung over her shoulder. “You ready?” A look. Me neither, but today’s the day and he-eeere we go. The morning is already a […]

What potato chip bag?

November 10, 2009


The finest thing an artist can do is to make me laugh out loud. It’s interesting how often the laughter is very close to tears. This morning I learned, long after the rest of the world had cottoned onto it, that one of my favorite Truly Funny Writers, Terry Pratchett, has early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. […]