Packy snow and a castle in Eastport

Posted on January 25, 2009


The weather has been perfect. Lots of snow, a little warming to soften it, a little plunge in temperature to set it up just right, a little sun to touch up the crust, and there you have it: packy snow that can be carved into snowstone to build a fort, an igloo . . . or a castle in Eastport.

The word was out. Master Craftsman and Sculptor Daugherty Johnson was at it again. By the time I got over there with my camera his latest creation was well advanced, but I managed to document a little of the process. He carved out his building blocks methodically.

The snowstone quarry

He brought all the right tools.

Tools of the Master Craftsman

Most of all, he had a vision.

A castle rises in Eastport

For those of you who wonder about such matters, Norton Bretz assured me that the castle, built over his septic pond, is properly permitted and is rated to accommodate four bedrooms. Local realtors note that the castle is part of a trend toward exceptional structures in Eastport. To examine further details, please click on photos below:

For more examples of the oeuvre of Daugherty Johnson, please see: