Up on the rooftop, click click click

Posted on January 23, 2009


Bruce Laidlaw, operator of the weather station that supplies Torch Lake Views with Extremely Accurate Prognostications, and groomer of x-country ski trails at Barnes Park, has had a busy week.

On Thursday (after I’d razzed him about, well, his whining about snowshoers) he wrote: Appropriate comment about my whining regarding the snow shoes. I need to widen the trails more to accommodate them. I spoke to one of the snowshoers today. Apparently she was Lindsay Banwell, (Watershed Project Manager, Antrim Conservation District). She said she was trying to determine the park boundaries near the trails. According to Joe Meyers at the county planning office, she has been scouting possible new trail locations in the park.

On Friday afternoon he added: The Grand Traverse Bay weather station is back in business. It no longer has to rely on the meager amount of sun light. Getting up to the top of the roof wasn’t too bad. Getting back down was only mildly terrifying. [Ed.: Now I enjoy Bruce’s weather station very much, but there is no way I would be climbing around on any Antrim County roof right about now. The man is dedicated. Or something.] He continued: The main trail loop in the park now has a nice wide walking/snowshoeing lane. Get out there. [Ed.: I believe that snowshoeing in Barnes Park has just become one of my blogly duties. Who knew?]

I ran into Bruce at the IGA this evening, and we talked about the eagle that hunts along the Grand Traverse Bay beach.  We’ve both watched him but neither of us has managed a good photo. Tonight when I got home I found this in my email box: If we can’t capture the eagle, we can capture the pileated trying to decide what it thinks of the suet.

Pileated Woodpecker

I swear every day is Christmas around here. Wow, Bruce. Just . . . Wow.