Real cider up on the third ridge

Posted on October 21, 2012


I was over at King Orchards buying more apples when John King told me the news. They were getting a cider operation going again. Now this is really news, because they used to make cider—and very successfully too—but decided if they were going to work that hard they might as well just go ahead and farm.

OK, it was more complicated than that, but fast forward 30 years and cider-making looks like fun again, at least to John and Jim. (They are guys, they like machinery.)

Off I went to watch the installation of the equipment and the testing of the equipment and the Ritual Cussing of the Equipment.  (We bless the blossoms Around Here.  The equipment, not so much.)

Ready for the Ritual Cussing

We have progress – Apple Lift-off!

Today I went back over there and guess what.

Yes indeed, the first 2012 pressing of Real Cider awaits you. This is unpasteurized cider. The good stuff. It is enough to make you weep with nostalgia for the rustling leaves of childhood.

Want atmosphere?  Here you go:

My assessment of the 2012 pressing?  It pairs well with autumn, my very favorite time of year.